Going Green

Today’s publications should start with the company’s commitment to the environment:

  • Design publications that use recycled or synthetic papers.
  • Encourage recycling and add the tagline, “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” to your company’s publications.
  • Design materials that use soy-based or vegetable inks.
  • Promote Teleworking from off-site work locations such as local business centers or home offices.
  • Use teleconferencing, conference calls and the Internet to help keep cars off the road.
  • Use e-newsletters, e-blasts and websites to distribute information rather than printed pieces.
  • Recycle all outdated computer equipment and media at city-certified recycling centers.
  • Encourage your employees to stay fit, eat healthy, exercise regularly and “live green” to promote a better quality of life and a healthy work ethic. Indeed, healthier and happier workers may result in increased productivity, better morale and increased employee retention.

You are now on your way to growing a greener publications and work environment.

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