Help the Earth—You’ve Got it in the Bag

Grow Life.  Harlan West's Reusable Bag Art Contest Entry.

“Grow Life,” Harlan West’s Reusable Bag Art Contest Entry

Creating artwork for reusable bags is a great way to help the environment and your community. These bags are daily reminders of how we can help the earth and are great promotions for Earth Day.  The nice thing about this type of project is that the art can be more free-flowing and whimsical than most graphical treatments.

I recently submitted an entry to the Ralph’s/Kroger Design a Reusable Bag Art Contest.  Here, I created a whimsical rendition of a tree sprouting out of an apple core. I wanted to show “reuse” in a very fun graphical way.

The style consists of a very graphical cut paper style that uses flat wedges of color to make beautiful shapes of brilliant color. This style actually works quite well with silkscreened art for apparel, especially for cloth bags.

The theme of the art is “Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.”  I added the tagline “Grow Life,”  to show the positive impact of one’s commitment to using reusable cloth bags.

If you’d like to vote for any of the entries, you will need to sign in for an account with Ralphs or any of the participating Kroger stores. The entries are arranged by first name. If you’d like to vote for my entry, you can find it by pulling down the menu in the upper left to search by name. Mine is listed under the “H’s,”  under “Harlan W.” of Westlake Village.  There are two entries—one with apples in the tree and one without.  Please vote for the one you prefer.  Or you can vote for both.

If you’d like to talk about an environmental design for a reusable bag, poster or online communication, please drop an e-mail to

Congratulations to all the wonderful contestants who submitted art to help the environment. Its admirable that you have all thought of creative ways to help the earth.  Thank you!  You’ve done more good than you can imagine.

You’ve got it in the bag!