Healthy Designs for Healthcare Marketing

harlanwestblogphotoBy Harlan West, Design and Marketing Professional with 25 years of experience designing materials for major healthcare organizations, hospitals, medical centers and outpatient facilities.

Caring for patients also includes caring for the type and quality of the communications they receive. The healthcare industry uses lots of collaterals and informational pieces to communicate with patients, members, physicians, staff, agencies and suppliers.mortar-and-psel Marketing firms that specialize in healthcare publications are often called in to create external and internal communications for larger organizations. As one of these marketing firms, HWDS Creative has developed hundreds of effective print and online e-publications for the healthcare industry.

There are several important elements that we look for when creating a healthcare publication. These include the following:

1) The intended audience—The design firm must make sure that the publication, whether it be a poster, newsletter, report or collateral is geared to the intended audience.  The audience might be patients, members of the healthcare plan or group, physicians, clinicians, administrative staff, suppliers or insurance representatives—all have very specific and differing needs. Continue reading

Marketing: It’s Good for Your Health

Have you ever wondered how healthcare campaigns can actually keep people healthy?
These campaigns can promote awareness by encouraging people to eat right, have regular check-ups, stay physically fit and active, maintain a positive attitude, reduce stress and practice safe living habits.

HWDS develops campaigns that encourage a healthy lifestyle. We create healthcare newsletters, collaterals, promotional items, direct advertising, online e-communications for internal and external communications, event promotions, broadcasts, online distribution and social media.

Below, I have included some marketing pieces that we designed for healthcare clients. By using bright bands of color, interesting layouts, dynamic graphics of active people, quality printing and paper selections, we create exciting visual presentations. Continue reading