The Importance of Counting to 10

harlanwestblogphotoBy Harlan West, Design and Marketing Professional with 25 years of experience designing newsletters and publications for major corporate clients.



eggon-my-faceI learned my lesson when I published the last blog post from my cell phone.  I accidentally hit the “publish” button instead of the “draft” button.  It left egg on my face.

Ah, yes. Some of the readers noticed a few embarrassing typos due to my fancy fingerwork  on my smartphone. In fact, one of my long-term colleagues frequently refers to me as the “mad typist.” In this case the name fits.

There’s no excuse, but we all know how technology can sometimes leave us hanging with our pants down.

Anyway, it does not pay to be “quickfinger.”  Make sure to proof everything well and check and double check the content several times before hitting “send” or “publish.”  It will save you a headache in the end.

And, try to avoid the temptation to publish content from a smartphone. We can never be too cautious when it involves posting content on the web.

So next time, I will count to 10.  It will prove to be a ten seconds well spent and I will try to do it before the “world” knows.