Why Companies Need to Nourish a Passion

harlanwestblogphotoBy Harlan West, Design and Marketing Professional with 25 years of experience designing materials for major healthcare organizations, municipalities and large corporations.

Just as kids need an “outlet” to keep them busy and out of trouble, companies need to nourish heir strengths and what they believe in.  This is not just what they specialize in, but something more. It is something they truly believe in and care passionately about.

Take, for example, the desire of a cable company to help connect millions of disadvantaged children with Internet service. Or, take, the desire of a marketing firm to create publications which help promote recycling, and therefore, ultimately benefit the environment. nurtureyourpassionOr what about the desire of a large grocer not only to provide healthy organically grown fruits and vegetables but also to lead the fight to label genetically engineered foods?  It is not enough that a company is good at what it does. It must feel passionately to help differentiate itself from the competition. That passion resonates throughout the organization and helps to invigorate employees, boost morale and provide a positive corporate image.  Here’s some ways to cultivate that passion in a company:

1) Hire employees that believe in the company and want to help make the company move forward. Your employees are the front line soldiers and they need to spread the message, not just wholeheartedly, but passionately.  If they don’t believe in the product or service, who will?

2) Give employees a stake in the company.  Commissions, stock options, prizes and other incentive programs will work wonders to convince employees get on board with the message and to become adopters and believers of the product/service.

3) Tie your company’s services with an altruistic benefit such as recycling, air quality or ridesharing. If this is not possible, lead the way by promoting a non-profit foundation.  You might also try sponsoring a cause such as breast cancer 5K run or food for the homeless drive.  Another idea is to support a local charity or community group, such as youth sports, and animal rescues.  Partner with organizations to promote diversity and inclusiveness.

4) Produce publications that demonstrate how your company cares about others.  Use soy inks, recycled papers when printing publications. Include tips for helping the environment. Adopt a non-profit foundation or a charity and help promote it in your green company newsletter, blog, website or other outreach efforts.

5) Help your employees and help the environment. Promote carpooling and alternative commute options at the workplace. This in turn can reduce stress, help the environment and can make for a better quality of life, and ultimately happier employees.

6) Promote stress reduction by encouraging exercise, yoga and mediation at the workplace. This not only provides a better work environment but might also keep your employees feeling healthier. Chances are, if your employees are healthier and happier, they might need fewer sick days.

7) Promote healthy nutrition by providing healthy snacks at break time.  Having a healthy persona might make employees feel more energized about their job.

8) Make office meetings into pep rallies.  Get the staff excited and charged up about what they are doing and how it can help others.

9) Start each day with a message to employees. Challenge them to think about how they can make an impact on others each day.  Have a breakfast with the boss day.  Find innovative ways to start the day out on a positive note.

10) Get on a “high.”  Toot your own horn. Accolades, testimonials, awards and positive customer comments should be posted.  Exemplary employees should receive rewards and proper acclamation. Stay positive and build upon the positive.

11) Take pride in the work.  Be resilient about the work. Companies need to promote a sense of pride and accomplishment throughout the company. Reward team players and achievers who really carry the corporate mantra throughout their daily lives.

Now, one might ask, “How does all this relate to successful corporate communications?”  Let me just say this, “When a company feels passionately about its products or services, it resonates throughout the entire corporate culture.” Corporate communications are stronger and have a “voice,” if the passion is present.

Do what you love to do, and with a passion—it breeds success!


If your company needs a marketing team to help grow a passion or to develop a brand, please contact HWDS at hwdesign@west.netWe make beautiful things happen. To find out more please visit westdesign.com

Harlan West is the author of successfulcorporatecommunications.com and has been working as a creative director and design professional for more than 25 years and has designed and art directed hundred of publications for both print and online purposes.

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