Find Your Corporate GPS

harlanwestblogphotoBy Harlan West, Design and Marketing Professional with 25 years of experience designing materials for major healthcare organizations, municipalities and large corporations.

Maps are a great way to promote a business, municipality, shopping district or an event. At HWDS we have created specialty maps for bike lanes, bus routes, park and ride lots, medical center campuses and municipal shopping districts. With a new map, your company or organization will be moving in the right direction.

GPS navigation, travel and tourism conceptA well-designed map should have

  • easy to read routes (if you still need to ask directions or someone’s help in deciphering the map then something’s obviously not working.
  • color-coded routes, streets or subsections indicated by various color swatches.
  • a legend with symbols for important landmarks, train and bus stations.
  • addresses of important locations or landmarks.
  • phone numbers and web addresses of supporting agencies or other resources
  • sections which allow it to fold-down to fit in one’s pocket. This will allow cyclists and walkers to take the map with them wherever they go.
  • release date.  This informs users of when the map was produced just in case changes have occurred. This is especially important for maps of shopping districts where there may be changes in store ownership.
  • directional navigation.  A good map should have north, south, east and west directional indicators to help orient the readers.
  • an online version to allow people from out of the area to access the map from their mobile device or desktop computer.

We have designed lots of maps over the years. For example, we designed the Old Towne Orange Map for the City of Orange to help promote Orange County’s “favorite downtown.”

City-of-Orange-Map City-of-Orange-Mapinside

Another beautiful map is the Ventura County Bikeways map which we designed a few years ago for the Ventura County Transportation Commission (VCTC). Here, we used fluorescent-colored illustrations of important landmarks that could be seen along the bike paths in Ventura County.

BikewaysMap BikewaysMapFront

Get your bearings with a new map for your association, municipality or corporation or special event.  You won’t even need a compass.

If your company needs a beautifully designed map, please contact HWDS at  For the past 22 years we have specialized in creating effective corporate communications and these include many map projects.


Please note: All projects displayed on this blog are meant for educational and instructional rather than promotional purposes. We respect our clients’ brand integrity

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