Make Your Newsletter Soar to New Heights

Have you ever tried adding architecture to your newsletter? Architectural elements such as columns, archways, gables, pedestals and vaults, can be great additions to any publication.

We created three samples of newsletters that use architecture for graphical treatments.

In the first sample below, we combined renderings of two downtown skyscrapers with actual photos.


In the second example below, we used closeups of the structural beams together with a transparent boxes to create a more dramatic eye-catching effect.


In the final sample, we used our type treatment as a graphic shape for our our skyline.  This is a special effect, whereby, a photo takes on and fills the shape of a type treatment, otherwise known as a mask.


This approach works well for newsletters about architecture, interior design, conventions, tourism, corporate leasing, corporate real estate, travel, city living, construction, and business news.  Sleek clean lines and dramatic curves can make for an elegant publication.  Your clients will love it.  Even if the newsletter does not involve real estate or construction, these angled lines, perspective views and window panes can be screened back as visual enhancements.  Indeed these elements can help to promote an image of stability, strength and resiliency and are great graphics to use when creating publications for stockholders.

Go ahead build your newsletter with buildings! What a great way to enrich your corporate newsletter.

To find out more about how we can help create an effective newsletter, e-publication, or invitation for your firm or organization, contact HWDS at

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